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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Significance of Time In Islam

The Significance Of Time In Islam
Dr. Amini Amir Abdullah
2nd January 2009
Let us uphold steadfast our piety of Allah by obeying all His commands and avoiding the forbidden. Every man that declares his believe in Allah should realize that there will be an end for this world. Everybody will experience that. We are getting older day by day, night by night, month by month. We have a very limited time. Time will not wait for us. Time is faster than lightning. Many of us ignores Allah’s reminder. “By the time, Verify Man in Loss, Except such as have Faith, And do Righteous deeds, and (join together). In The mutual enjoying of truth and of Patience and constancy.”
The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. says “your youth before old, your health before being (terminal) sick, your wealth, before being poor, your leisure before being preoccupied, and your life before your death.”
Islam has discussed 4000 years ago the significance of time before it was discuss in modern management discipline. Don’t waste our time, to serve to Allah s.w.t. in this world. In the modern management framework, time is the powerful and valuable resource. We should fully maximize the quality of time in our life. We should fill up our time with worship either specific worship or general worship.
a date and the destruction of the world is going to happen anytime and u have the opportunity to seed it, seed it”. This Hadith mention about the value of time in our life. We should manage it wisely. how can he getting older such as his condition now? He answered I will serve down when I walk, I will mad when I hungry, I will get bored when I eat, I will get drowsy when attending lecture, I cannot sleep while in bed.
The purpose of the Caliph in asking Ma’an is to remind those who are old to worship Allah continuously during they are still young. Every year, many of our children sit for SPM and STPM examinations. They have about 350 days for holiday within 5 years study duration. Actually, their schooling days is 4 years instead of 5 years. During we are still young we should spend our time on searching knowledge, working hard, improving our economics status and the condition of our religion as well as preparing for Hereafter.
Allah s.w.t. says in Surah Faatir
Verse 37:- Meaning: “Did we not give you long Enough life so that he that would Should receive admonition? And (moreover) the warner came to You.”
We should thank to Allah for all his bounties, his compassion and mercy. The Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.
says “ The best among you is those who has long life and fulfill with good deeds.”

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