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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ethnic Relations In Malaysia

Islam and Ethnic Relations
Dr. Amini Amir Abdullah
October 2008

We should give a special attention to solve the problem of communalism in Malaysia with reference to Islam as the solution. The need to accept Islam as a formula of ethnic unity is a must. We should avoid any failure in solving the problem of Malaysian plural society. Islam was from Allah and therefore it would produce a harmonized life for all human beings. Islam was not a racial religion and it was universal for all races and ethnic groups. If Islam was implemented in its original form, it would convince all men of its ability to become a way of life and with its terms of reference. Islam had proved its capability in laying the foundation for ethnic relations as in the nation-state of Madinah. We should implement Islam gradually and the implementation of Islam would not violate the rights of non-Muslims to practice their religion. We should implement a focus ethnic-oriented approach to achieve the objectives of integration and uplifting confidence among the people. Islam is a universal teaching which promoted a peaceful life without any racial prejudice and discrimination.

The solution for multi-racial problems is through enhancing the principles of Islamic justice based on Tawhid. From the view of Islamic justice and the concept of equality, there was no advantage of one race over another since all are originated from the Prophet of Adam. Islam also defended the impoverished and needy regardless of their ethnic and religious background. Islam promoted its followers to do justice and good ethics even to the apostates. The historical development of Islamic history had proven that Islam succeeded in solving various problem regarding ethnic relations.

The diversity of races is a fact of Allah's Power and Greatness. Islam affirms the differences in languages and colours not as sources of friction and conflict, but as mentioned in the al-Quran as ayat Allah (Signs of Allah Greatness) that people would know each other. Therefore, diversity was the basis for unity and not the basis of friction. Islam offered to the non-Muslims opportunities for interaction and building relations between each other. The universalistic teaching of Islam, which is free, from chauvinism and narrow sentiments.

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