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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Perkasa wants Tawfik to apologise over ‘abolish Jakim’ remark 10 November 2015

Perkasa wants Tawfik to apologise over ‘abolish Jakim’ remark

Published Today 9:42 am     Updated Today 9:44 am      24

Former deputy prime minister Dr Ismail Abdul Rahman’s eldest son Tawfik Ismail’s call for the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) to be abolished can be deemed seditious.
In stating this, Malay rights watchdog Perkasa also said that Tawfik’s statement was an insult to the federal constitution.
Citing provisions under the constitution, Perkasa's Islamic affairs bureau chairperson Amini Amir Abdullah said the clauses clearly show that the government has the right to form and give funds to any institution related to Islam.
“The formation of Jakim is in line with the aspirations and the provisions under the constitution.
“Perkasa believes that as a religious authoritative body, Jakim’s existence cannot be denied and its authority cannot be questioned," said Amini in a statement yesterday.
Stressing that Islam has a special position as enshrined in the constitution, he said one should not question the existence of Jakim.
“We urge Tawfik to apologise to Jakim and Muslims immediately so that nothing negative will befall him.
“Perkasa believes that he has no right to get involved in Jakim’s administration in this country,” he said.
Tawfik, in an interview with The Malaysian Insider, had told the news portal that Jakim should be dissolved.
'Province of the sultan'
He said the body seemed to serve no other purpose other than to interfere in the personal lives of Malaysians.
And although some may argue that Jakim is needed to protect the sanctity of Islam, Tawfik said the Agong, sultans, imams and muftis already filled that role.
"Jakim is an advisory body to the government, but constitutionally it really has no role.
“Islam is the province of the sultan of the state […] it has nothing to do with the government," he was quoted as saying during an interview in conjunction with the launch of a collection of his late father's writings edited by himself and academic Ooi Kee Beng.

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