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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Do Not Oppose The SULTAN!

Sultan has the power as Head of the religion of Islam in their respective states. Sultan of Selangor, D.Y.M.M. Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, had given instructions to the mosque authorities not to use it as a place of politics in order to protect the sanctity of places of worship. Managing the affairs of the Islamic religion in the states lies in the hands of the Sultan. This was already clear. So the Sultan of Selangor clear instructions was to manifest his role as a religious leader in his own state.

All parties should always respect the institution of the King, and agreed that the Sultan will not only protect the people but also the protector of Islam in their respective states.

The mosque should not be used as a place to divide Muslims because of differences in political ideology. Mosques and suraus are the centers of consolidating the strength of Muslims. Selangor Islamic Religious Department (JAIS) probably had issued circulars to the mosques and suraus in the state to ensure that the institutions are not misused by the parties during any election campaign. Therefore, the mosques and suraus are restricted places for all political parties to hold talks, gatherings and so on.

Nazir of the mosque and surau committees have to carry out the Sultan of Selangor instruction that Islam strictly prohibits the institution being used as a field for politics. If somebody else wants politics, do it outside the mosque. It's why the Sultan of Selangor prohibited the use of mosques for political purposes.

Sultan of Selangor said, anyone, including politicians who do not agree with the rules of political restrictions on mosques and suraus should not come to Selangor. If somebody wants to come to Selangor, they must abide by and respect the rules and laws. People should be aware that the Sultan does not prevent people from other states to come to Selangor to live. However, they must comply with the rules and laws in Selangor and not confronting the law because it is established for the safety, security and prosperity of the people. If one does not agree with the rules set out in Selangor, he or she should refrain from coming to Selangor.

At the time of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., the mosque was used to strengthen the unity of the Muslims. The mosque was a perfect place to seek refuge and the Prophet never disseminate defamatory or insulting others in the mosque as happens now. It is therefore inappropriate to compare the role of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. using mosques for politics with the present situation in which politicians take advantage of using the mosque as a platform to spread their own political agenda.

We urged the Malaysian government to drop the nationality of individuals who insulted the Sultan and the Malay Rulers by disobeying their instructions, to ensure that the people are loyal to all Sultans. There is no point of having people who does not respect the ruling of the Sultans in our country!!

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