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Friday, September 11, 2009

Searching For The Love of Allah In The Month of Ramadan

Dr. Amini Amir Abdullah
21st August 2009

Time has changed so fast, leaving us behind. Ramadhan comes and we are so happy every time Ramadhan arrives because we are going to perform the obligation of fasting as one of the pillars of Islam. According to some ulama’, the worship of fasting has been made as an obligation on Monday the 2nd of the month of Sya’aban, 2nd year of Hijrah.

Fasting has a lot of wisdom for those who perform it. Every aspects of Syariah has it own wisdoms and goals. For sure fasting also has it own effects on human beings. The wisdom of fasting is to achieve taqwa. By fasting, Muslims can lessens their desires especially the desire of stomach and mute sexual appetite. This will control oneself from committing sins and wrongdoings. By fasting, Muslim can educate and train their souls and self to become sincere and avoid any abominations and leading life to Iman (faith).

We are encouraged to perform fasting in the month of Ramadhan because we can control our soul from selfishness and increase our will power and patience. We are encouraged to reduce our time of sleeping during the month of Ramadhan so that we can stay up at night and do a lot of deeds such as midnight prayer (Qiamullail), doing zikr, tasbih and tahmid and other worship such as Quran reading, tarawih and witr prayer as well as studying. Whoever performs the night prayer during Ramadhan sincerely, without any doubt, he will be forgiven his previous sins. Among good positive moral values which can be achieved during the month of Ramadhan are:

To control unlimited desires and lusts. One good moral attitude and values can be manifested through strong iman and obedient to Allah s.w.t. Depriving the body of foods and drinks during the month of Ramadhan helps its defense and enhance mechanism. Every part of our body should be controlled from committing sins as well as doing sexual intercourse during daytime in the month of Ramadhan.
By fasting, human beings can develop their soul to become generous and like to give charity and sadaqah. The Prophet s.a.w. was more generous during the month of Ramadhan. Exchanging foods and giving charity are good practice during the month of Ramadhan as well as organizing ceremony for fast breaking. We should prolong this good practice not only in the month of Ramadhan but other month as well.
All human deeds with full sincerity either general worships or specific worships will gain more accumulative rewards from Allah during the month of Ramadhan and human beings will be protected from syaitan.

Let us make the month of Ramadhan as a medium of educating our self and soul to concentrate more on worship and familiarizing our soul with piety and faith of Allah.

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