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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Response From A Christian Reader On Culture and Integrity

Culture and Integrity

Good day to all readers… Strong cultural and moral integrity plays an important role in terms of forming and shaping a good individual and produce high standard society. As mention in the original journal, religion is one of the main factors in order to form an individual that consist all quality based on strong cultural and moral integrity. Not only Islam, other religions are also strongly stressed out on good values that an individual must have.

Besides, education plays important role where the syllabus are teaching on how to be better person or society that has multiethnic and multi-religion. Moral educations are teaches among non-Muslim students while Islam education are for those Muslim students. Still, the main concept is to produce highly moral integrity among students and also strong cultural. Oppositely, weak cultural and low moral integrity can cause a lot of problems such as corruption of foundation of a government, human capital and ethnicity among society.

Those opinion and perception that Dr Amini stressed out in his article are true. Unfortunately, most people nowadays are prefers wealthy rather as their priority. However, neither they think nor though about the specific roles of cultural and moral integrity in their daily routine. Without either cultural or moral integrity, none of us can achieve something that pleasant us for our effort, hard work and our credibility, and also to God. Dr Amini did mention in his last paragraph, that God is monitoring all what we do in this world.

To adapt and form the strong cultural and moral integrity, it all started with our little kid. Teach and expose them the valuable cultures and moral integrity in religion aspect. Thus, this will alert the kids, the new generation on how is important to have strong cultural and moral uprightness. At the same, do not be too strict to children because when they grow up it will become oppositely than we want them to be. Although being strict is also important in ways of teaching children, parents should try to have a talk with their children, listen to their stories, the ideas and so on. As a result, this will strengthen the relationship, forming and shaping good children and this also can affect their surrounding and influence other people to follow their step.

Still, no human is perfect as God the Mightiest, human are tends to make a mistake sometimes. In that situation, being forgives and forgiveness is the major roles. Investigating and search for the real causes, only then we can make judges. Sometimes we have difficulties or hesitation to forgive someone because they betrayed our thrust we put on them or using us for their purpose.

Malaysian Institute of Integrity (IIM) and National Integrity Plan (PIN) that have been introduced by government in order to produce a high standard society with integrity and accountability, is a crucial or critical possibility way that government can think about our society nowadays that full with society problems. Increasing in certain cases involving teenagers such as rape, drug addict and vandalism make all of us concern how low the standard of our culture and moral integrity is. IIM and PIN are important, despite the fact that the progressing in terms of improving the integrity and forming the strong cultural in our society did not show much.

However, the efforts that are shown by the government can be seen anywhere showing the serious concerns of the government. Not only government, IIM and PIN, but also all of us should work together to produce such a high quality society. A society with high integrity, accountability and strong cultural is corollary towards a strong government as well as country. Thank you…

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